Acronym for CAD/CAM Ti-Base is computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing

This procedure helps in producing an accurate three dimensional models of alveolar ridge and particular tooth. So in this era of innovation, the success of implants in laboratory is found at the interface between implant and denture framework. Until now other conventional abutments have been used, which were not cost effective and were time consuming.
Due to CAD/CAM, titanium bases are introduced which add a metal interface between abutment and implant screw.

Components of CAD/CAD Interface:

CAD/CAM Dentistry system comprises of scan abutment, lab screw, fixation screw and titanium base.

  • Scan abutment has variable diameters, sizes, and shades
  • Titanium base matches each particular implant system
  • Lab screw help in fixing model
  • Fixation screw is used for insertion

Due to limited range of four sizes of scan abutment, it is easy to identify the axial direction of implant and positioning of anti-locking grooves through software. After the scanning of the model the software also enables to design particular abutment.  The CAD/CAM Dentistry abutment and superstructure can be designed in a single process.


  • Titanium is an inert, hygienic biocompatible material.
  • It is used widely due to remarkable mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, ability to bond bone and provide a durable prosthesis.
  • The interface provides an accurate and precise fixing or sealing of implant and abutment.
  • Proper fit prevents movement of abutment if screw loosens.
  • All forces especially compressive are distributed evenly which ensure stability.
  • Properly beveled interface reduces the stresses.
  • Downward forces to implant are prevented.
  • There are least chances of a fracture to occur.
  • Highly adaptable abutments with titanium interface provide excellent contouring and emergence profile with better function.
  • This system provides a cost-effective prosthesis with better esthetics.

Thus, CAD/CAM Ti-Base are leading towards the fabrication of cost effective and aesthetically pleasant prosthesis in the laboratory.

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