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Implant Drivers

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Implant Drivers | Edison Medical™ Dental Implant components

Implant Drivers

Edison Medical’s universal implant drivers facilitate the positioning and insertion of the dental implant. EM carries three categories of implant drivers: round insertion drivers, square insertion drivers, and latch motor mount insertion drivers. All drivers are intended to be used for implant pickup and insertion, and all of EM’s drivers enable pickup directly from the package with mountless-packed implants. Pickup is facilitated via an o-ring located at the tip of the implant driver. Contrary to the wear-prone plastic o-ring that many manufacturers incorporate into the driver tip, Edison Medical forms this o-ring out of high-grade stainless steel, for a tougher, more durable o-ring and repeatable implant pickup.

Drivers are compatible with most dental implant systems, including Astra Tech®, Straumann®, Zimmer®, Nobel Active®, Osstem® / Hiossen®, MegaGen®, and 70+ more brands. Implant drivers are available for individual purchase, and can also be found in EM’s dental surgical kits.

Edison Medical’s universal implant driver selection

Round insertion drivers

Round insertion implant drivers are designed for use with a rounded manual torque ratchet. Featuring a single head diameter of 7.0 mm, round drivers come in three length options: short (9.0 mm), medium (12.0 mm) and long (17.0 mm). Round insertion drivers feature a metal ring at the tip to facilitate maximum grip of the implant.

Square insertion drivers

EM’s range of square implant insertion drivers are intended for use with squared manual torque ratchets. All square insertion drivers in EM’s portfolio are 4.0 mm in diameter, with choice of tip hex to accommodate different platform widths, and length option of short (12.0 mm) or long (18.0 mm). These drivers feature a metal ring at the tip which allows for improved grip of the implant.

Latch motor mount insertion drivers

For implant insertion with a handpiece motor, Edison Medical carries a range of latch-type motor mount drivers. These drivers are available in short (22.0 mm) or long (28.0 mm) length, come in a range of hex driver tip sizes to accommodate various platform widths, and feature a metal ring at the tip for maximum implant grip.

Producing superior quality

Edison Medical places high priority on guaranteeing that all of its products exhibit reliable and superior quality. As with all of its dental surgical instruments and tools, EM’s implant drivers and implant screwdrivers are milled from high-grade AISI 400 stainless steel at the EM production facility in Germany. Each implant driver undergoes rigorous testing and inspection prior to packaging.

Optimizing the properties of stainless steel

Stainless steel is widely used in a range of applications in the dental industry due to its strength and high resistance to corrosion. The manufacturing process of stainless steel has various routes that yield different qualities of the final product and there are certain processes that can be implemented to improve the strength and surface quality of the final material.  


Edison Medical puts its stainless steel implant drivers through a hardening process after machining, which increases scratch resistance and surface hardness, improves the lifetime of the driver, and minimizes long-term spending. Implant drivers go through a further passivation process that maximizes the inherent corrosion resistance of the stainless steel by removing any surface contaminants that result from the machining process, as well as any sulfides present.

EM drivers go through a final step of electro-polishing, an electrochemical polishing process that removes any final surface materials or contaminants. These processes all provide each implant driver with protection during extended use, cleaning and sterilization. This ultimately grants every tool maximum longevity through a reinforced stainless steel base.

What is a dental implant driver?

A dental implant driver is a tool used to facilitate the positioning and insertion of a dental implant. Different dental implant drivers are available based on the type of ratchet or motor being used to insert the implant. Round insertion drivers are designed for use with rounded manual torque ratchets, square drivers for use with squared manual torque ratchets, and latch motor mount insertion drivers for use with handpiece motors.

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