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Dental Surgical Instruments

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dental surgical instruments | EM™ Dental Implant components

Edison Medical’s dental surgical instrument portfolio facilitates an efficient and smooth restoration procedure. Featuring both classic and innovative designs manufactured from high-grade surgical steel, the EM selection of ratchet wrenches, probes, parallel pins, and gauge indicator kits provide dental professionals with all the necessary instruments to ensure a precise restoration. As is with all Edison Medical products, across-brand usability of the dental surgical instrument portfolio spans across more than 70 implant system brands, including Astra Tech®, Straumann®, Zimmer®, Nobel Active®, Osstem® / Hiossen®, and MegaGen®.


A seamless procedure with EM’s instrument lineup

Being equipped with the proper instruments is crucial for any operation’s success, and placing dental implants is no exception. The best dental surgery instruments are forged from premium quality stainless steel and should allow every movement and motion of its use to be smooth and precise. Edison Medical’s line of dental surgery instruments (apart from gauge indicators) is manufactured from AISI 400 stainless steel and each one is subjected to rigorous testing to comply with the highest manufacturing standards. All of EM’s instruments also undergo a hardening process after machining, which includes electro-polishing and passivation. This means optimal procedural precision and a long life span of each instrument, thanks to a high corrosion resistance and ideal surface geometry for delicate operations in the oral environment.


Ratchet wrench

The 6.35-mm stainless steel ratchet wrench is a dental surgical instrument designed to tighten and loosen dental implants. This wrench is ideal for use in situations of general tightening and loosening of the implant where achieving a specific torque is not required. For tightening to a specified or pre-adjusted torque, using a torque ratchet wrench is necessary. 


Torque ratchet wrench

Edison Medical manufactures two torque ratchet wrenches, both for use in tightening dental implants to pre-adjusted torque values. The 6.35-mm torque ratchet wrench is for use with hex connections, while the 7.0-mm torque ratchet wrench is designed for use with round connections. The latter round torque ratchet is a particularly unique tool composed of 12 parts, yielding a high product assembly complexity that results in a maximum-precision wrench.

Desired torque for both ratchet wrenches is set using the adjustment nut and scale located on the front of the wrench.


Wrench adaptors

EM’s round to square adapter permits the conversion of a 7.0-mm or 8.0-mm round torque ratchet wrench to a square connection.

The long hand wrench adapter is a lightweight instrument ideal for working in the aesthetic/anterior zone, and provides a 100.0-mm extension for a 4.0-mm squared-tip dental screwdriver.


Depth probe

The depth probe is one of the dental surgical instruments that belongs in every surgeon’s office. Edison Medical’s depth probe is made entirely of stainless steel, is autoclavable, and is highly resistant to long-term wear. For probing pocket depth, this instrument features five etched lines for measuring depth at 8.0, 10.0, 11.5, 13.0, and 16.0 mm.


Parallel pins 

A full stainless steel device for gauging the depth and orientation of the osteotomy, the parallel pin is a dental surgery instrument that can be used in both single and multiple implant scenarios. The parallel pin is 25.0 mm in length with a 1.85-mm tip diameter and 2.25-mm body diameter. Five depth marks are etched along the shaft at 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm, 11.5 mm, 13.0 mm, and 15.0 mm.


Gauge indicator kits

Edison Medical offers a variety of titanium gauge indicator kits to satisfy across-brand usability with multiple implant systems. Gauge indicators are excellent dental surgery instruments to have on hand during case planning, helping determine angle and gingival height prior to choosing an abutment. Each kit comes with three gauge indicators for three angulations: straight, 17° and 30°. Gauge indicators are milled from high-grade titanium (Ti 6AI-4V ELI) and are finished with anodization and a titanium nitride (TiN) coating.


Care of dental surgical instruments

To promote the longest possible life of your dental surgical instruments, it is important to use them only for what they are indicated, and to take the necessary steps to keep them clean, sterile and properly stored.

Stainless steel products should be regularly cleaned, disinfected and sterilized. Cleaning items like wire brushes and metal pads should not be used on stainless steel, and cleaning and disinfectant solutions should be within a pH range of 5 to 10. Wrenches should be recalibrated on at least a yearly basis, and they should be cleaned and sterilized after service.

Before storing any instruments, make sure that they are completely dry. Instruments should be stored in a location that is free from dust, has a moderate temperature, and is free from any corrosive vapors.

What is a dental surgical instruments?

Dental surgical instruments are instruments that are used during a dental surgery, most often in placing dental implants. Some examples of dental surgical instruments include wrenches, depth probes, parallel pins, chisels, retractors, and gauge indicators.

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