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implant surgical kit | EM™ - Dental Implant components

Edison Medical’s dental surgical kits are designed to streamline chairside procedures and provide dental professionals with a comprehensive kit to efficiently carry out multiple, consecutive surgeries. With all of the instruments located in a single, hard-plastic case with color coding and easy pick-up, storage is simple and convenient, and workflow entirely intuitive.

The unique features of EM’s dental surgical kits

EM’s dental surgical kits have been designed for the convenience of a single, smooth osteotomy, as well as for the fast-paced office environment that demands the consecutive placement of implants throughout the day. To achieve such a dynamic dental implant kit, each includes two sets of stoppers, a torque ratchet, and multiple drivers and drills for maximized efficiency. The high quality, medical-grade plastic of EM’s kits makes them autoclavable for easy sterilization.

Universal stoppers

The universal stoppers fit all Edison Medical drill diameters and, by having two sets, there is always a backup on hand. That means procedures can carry on continuously with one set being cleaned while the other is in use, making for an uninterrupted workflow. 

Torque ratchet

The premium quality 7.0-mm round torque ratchet allows for an accurate tightening of implant components, making for a faster and more precise procedure. The torque range of EM’s torque ratchet is 0 to 70 Ncm.

Drivers and drills

All dental drills and drivers in EM’s dental implant kits reside in color-coded areas of the kit, to facilitate a more organized and efficient practice. To improve longevity of all drills and maximize control during osteotomy, each is coated with a diamond-like carbon finish (DLC).

Dental Surgical Kit Formats

Surgical tool boxes

Edison Medical offers three different dental implant kit tool boxes to be used with EM’s implant lines and more than 70 additional brands. Since all EM implants feature the same outer-body design, the drills in each of the tool boxes are similar in size. Where the kits diverge is where the EM dental implant lines diverge: based on the various connection types and platform widths, each kit is equipped with a different lineup of implant screw drivers and insertion drivers. 

A basic breakdown of implant design and across-brand usability of each of these 34-piece tool boxes is as follows:

  • The surgical tool box designed for the Edison Medical Artic® implant line (active hex, conical connection) is also suitable for use with Nobel Active®
  • The iOS3® (conical connection for slim platform) and Fortis® (conical connection) surgical tool box is suitable for use with Astra Tech®’s 3.5-mm / 4.0-mm regular platform and Osstem® / Hiossen® implants systems
  • The Lamina® (internal hex connection for regular platform) surgical tool box is suitable for use with Zimmer®, MIS®, Alpha Bio®, BioHorizons®, and many more of the market’s standard internal hex systems

Ritter Implants surgical kits

Compact surgical kit

The 37-piece compact kit provides all the necessary components for placement of Ritter Spiral® SB/LA implants. The compact surgical kit includes a range of tools, including lance and twist step drills, torque ratchets, drill stoppers, drill extenders, and parallel pins. A ratchet driver and motor mount are also included for implants. Tools included for insertion and removal of screws include a ratchet driver, motor mount, hand driver, and gauge depth indicator.

Guided surgical kit

The guided surgical kit contains 60 pieces and was designed for use in the placement of Ritter Spiral® SB/LA implants. The guided kit features a more expansive selection of components than the compact surgical kit, which is also intended for use with Spiral® SB/LA implants. In addition to all the tools in the compact surgical kit, the guided kit features hard bone counter sinks, guided pins, and tissue punches.

Complete surgical kit

The complete surgical kit is an ideal solution for the fast-paced prosthodontist’s office, where back-to-back surgeries throughout the day are typical. Containing 65 pieces and designed for placement of Ritter Spiral® SB/LA implants, this kit is conducive to working with diverse implant geometries and orientations. Like many of EM’s other surgical kits, the complete kit allows for optimal case planning, with tools to monitor direction, parallelism, and depth throughout the procedure.

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