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UniBase™️ - Sirona CEREC®️ fitting

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UniBase - Sirona CEREC® fitting | EM™ - Dental Implant Bay

Optimizing your Ti-Base with Sirona-CEREC™-fitting abutments

Edison Medical’s Ti-Base abutments are engineered for an exact fit with Dentsply Sirona’s CEREC™ implant system. Edison Medical’s Sirona CEREC™-fitting abutments integrate seamlessly into the CAD/CAM restoration process that employs all Sirona CEREC™ machines, CAD/CAM libraries and 3D software. The snap-on scan body of this abutment line also permits the use of the same intraoral scanner used for impression taking with the Sirona CEREC™ system. Unlike Sirona CEREC™, Edison Medical’s Ti-Bases come in a range of collar heights, enabling technicians to achieve a more accurate and customized restoration. 

Edison Medical has also designed a patent-pending, angled Ti-Base that is compatible with the Sirona CEREC™ implant system. This unique design is the only one of its kind and offers a wealth of new possibilities for digital restoration. By incorporating an angled Ti-Base into the Sirona CEREC™ restoration system, angulation correction and ability to work with angled restorations within the CAD/CAM system becomes a much more accessible task. The design of EM’s angled Ti-Base makes for an interaction of the abutment with the implant system that is similar to a straight abutment, enabling laboratories to implement the same standard CAD/CAM procedures during the milling process that are used for straight Ti-Bases. 

Dentsply Sirona’s CEREC™: A coveted restoration system 

Sirona™’s CAD/CAM system for tooth restoration, appropriately named CEREC™, standing for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic, is regarded as one of the most efficient and convenient CAD/CAM restoration systems on the market.

This restoration system was thoughtfully designed by one of the world’s leading implant brands, Dentsply Sirona™, and done in a manner that puts an emphasis on the patient’s needs. The intention of this implant system is to create a restoration procedure that can be seamlessly carried out, and is as quick and painless as possible. CAD/CAM technologies are a major contributing factor to this process, whereas traditional methods can be long, messy and strenuous on both patient and technician. 

Relying on the Sirona CEREC™ method, the restoration process requires fewer injections, employs digital impressions instead of traditional impressions, and removes the need for temporary restorations. Moreover, the implant system’s 3D software allows the technician to create a three-dimensional digital model of the tooth, which is then used to mill a customized restoration. This process can even be done in-house, making the entire procedure a single-day event, rather than requiring multiple visits over an extended period of time. These advantages in addition to many more have revolutionized the way modern dentistry considers taking impressions, and more and more of today’s dental professionals are equipping their offices with digital restoration equipment.

Increased efficiency with Edison Medical and  Sirona CEREC™

One of the fundamental advantages of CAD/CAM technology in dental restorations is its unmatched efficiency, and the Sirona CEREC™ system is considered one of the leaders in this regard. Equipping your office with Edison Medical abutments alongside Sirona CEREC™ equipment offers some exceptional advantages:

  • Single visit restorations. Patients are the greatest beneficiaries of this advantage. Not only do digital impressions speed up the entire restoration process by requiring less time to create a model of the patient’s tooth, but it also removes the discomfort caused by impression trays and the mess that comes with using them. The procedure is carried out quickly and smoothly, and with in-house milling equipment, a prosthesis can be fabricated during the visit, placed, and the patient can walk out of the office with a complete (abutment, screw and crown), custom restoration the same day. 
  • Improved service volume and working environment. Improved efficiency in the restoration procedure means potential for increase in your prosthodontic or implantology practice’s service volume. With Edison Medical’s Ti-Base abutment and Sirona CEREC™’s digital dentistry equipment, your office has the potential to increase profit and create an improved level of comfort in the working environment for your staff.
  • Customized abutments. Employing a digital restoration method allows dental professionals to create customized abutments in a single visit. Creating a high-quality restoration that is customized to each individual patient improves the durability and life of the restoration, as well as its safety and esthetics.
  • The highest standards of technology. Working with Edison Medical and Dentsply Sirona CEREC™ means working with two of the industry’s companies most dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology. Both companies are fully committed to offering their clients the highest quality and standard of industry technologies that produce long-lasting, premium restorations.

CAD/CAM solutions with Edison Medical

Edison Medical provides dental professionals with the most advanced technologies for the modern era of implant placement using digital dentistry. From Ti-Bases to scan bodies to digital implant libraries, the EM portfolio offers an array of digital solutions that fit your office’s preferred implant system. EM’s vast digital library maximizes workflow efficiency and yields reliable, consistent results, ultimately creating a better chairside experience for both technician and patient. With CAD/CAM solutions and digital libraries for more than 70 of the market’s leading implant brands, Edison Medical offers a comprehensive solution for your office’s digital dentistry system.

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