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Implant Removable Overdenture Attachments | Edison Medical™


Edison Medical’s removable denture attachment selection

Edison Medical offers two solutions for implant overdenture attachments: the classic ball attachment and Edison Medical’s state-of-the-art Pop-Clicq™ attachment that is designed for use with the Zest LOCATOR® system.

The clinical decision of selecting the proper removable denture attachment for your patient, whether for a fixed or partial overdenture system, is one of the single most important steps of the restoration process.

While today’s market provides an impressive selection of attachments for osseointegrated implants and overdentures, Edison Medical has committed itself to the two systems that we believe exhibit superior quality above the rest.

Zest LOCATOR® attachments and ball attachments are intended for non-splintered restorations in the mandible, a treatment that is by nature challenging and whose success relies strongly on the choice of proper materials. Due to their proven success and reliability, the Edison Medical removable denture attachment portfolio exclusively features ball attachments and attachments designed for use with the Zest Locator® system.

Edison Medical’s Pop-Clicq™: Where flexibility and precision prevail

Edison Medical’s Pop-Clicq™ line of abutments feature extreme durability and can be inserted and removed by the dentist with utmost ease. Flexibility and precision prevail here: the design is self-aligning, with angulation correction that is achieved through the attachment’s pivoting capacity. This pivoting capacity further provides the advantage of increased resilience, most significantly with regard to level of tolerance against force load during mastication.

The design of the Edison Medical Pop-Clicq™ attachment gives dentists the ability to customize the attachment in response to varying levels of retention. With these qualities, the lowest possible vertical profile can be achieved. Edison Medical’s Pop-Clicq™ attachments and Pop-Clicq™ overdenture bar feature across-brand usability with a wide variety of implant systems, including but not limited to:

  • Astra®
  • Alpha Bio®
  • BioHorizon®
  • Hiossen®
  • Megagen®
  • MIS®
  • Nobel Biocare®
  • Osstem TS®
  • Zimmer®

Pop-Clicq™ kit formats

The Pop-Clicq™ removable denture attachment is available in two formats: mini and professional kits. The mini kit is ideal for dental professionals who prefer to order on a case-by-case basis, particularly if they are not placing implants regularly.

The professional kit, on the other hand, is a fantastic solution for surgeons and prosthodontists who regularly place implants and benefit from a toolkit with a wide selection of pieces that can be replaced by you or your assistant as you go.

Mini kits come with seven pieces included, and are intended for edentulous cases where several different sizes of abutments are required. Each 7-piece kits equipped with:

  • 1 Pop-Clicq™ attachment, either straight, 18° or 30°
  • 1 metal housing cap
  • 1 black laboratory retentive cap
  • 3 color-coded silicon retentive caps with three levels of interconnection resistance
  • 1 protective silicon disc

Each professional kit is equipped with 98 pieces and is available in three different angulation options: straight, 18° and 30°. Depending on the type of angulation, there are up to six abutment length options to choose from, ranging from 0.5 mm to 5.0 mm. Each professional kit includes:

  • 24 straight Pop-Clicq™ attachments; four each of six different heights 
  • 6 angled (18°) Pop-Clicq™ attachments; 2 each of 1.0 mm, 2.0 mm and 3.0mm height
  • 6 angled (30°) Pop-Clicq™ attachments; 2 each of 1.0 mm, 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm height
  • 4 abutment analogs
  • 4 pick-up impression transfers
  • 9 black laboratory retentive caps
  • 36 color-coded silicon retentive caps with four different levels of interconnection resistance, from 0.6 kg to 2.7 kg
  • 6 metal housing caps
  • 1 protective disc
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 insertion / extraction tool

Classic ball attachments

The classic ball attachment was the first removable denture attachment widely available to the market, and its widespread use with ball attachment overdenture systems continues today due to its durability and cost-efficiency. Edison Medical’s ball attachments are designed for use with a wide range of dental implant systems, including:

  • Zimmer®
  • MIS®
  • BioHorizon®
  • Alpha Bio®
  • Implant Direct®

A major disadvantage of the ball attachment that has caused its popularity to decrease, is the height of the ball itself, which adds to the height of the final restoration.

Choosing an alternative such as a Zest LOCATOR®-style attachment (e.g. Edison Medical’s Pop-Clicq™), which lacks a ball altogether, allows the restoration to be seated lower and as a result, have a lower profile in the mouth.

Classic ball attachment kit format

Edison Medical offers classic ball attachments in kit format, with each kit made up of four pieces. Edison Medical’s straight, regular platform ball attachments are designed for use with internal hex connections and come in six different heights, from 1.0 mm to 6.0 mm, all with a diameter of 4.0 mm and a ball diameter of 2.5 mm.

Kits can also be selected according to two retentive caps resistances: 1.8 kg (standard resistance, pink in color) or 2.7 kg (strong resistance, transparent in color). Insertion requires a 1.25 mm hex torque screwdriver. 

Each ball attachment kit includes:

  • 1 internal hex, regular platform ball attachment
  • 1 metal housing cap
  • 1 protective silicon disc
  • 1 elastic silicon retentive cap

Silicon retentive caps are also available for purchase separately in packs of four, allowing you to choose from four different levels of interconnection resistance of 0.6 to 2.7kg.

Ball attachment advantages

The unrivaled stability of the classic ball attachment makes this attachment incredibly powerful in terms of resistance to mastication force and reducing the amount of that force that is absorbed by the cortical bone itself.

It is also much more cost effective than other overdenture attachments, and this coupled with overall low-maintenance and simple/hygienic placement makes the ball attachment an attractive option for older edentulous patients.

Ball attachment disadvantages

The intrinsic geometry of the ball attachment is accompanied by several disadvantages, particularly in the shadow of the Zest LOCATOR® attachment. 

In the ball attachment, the presence of the ball makes the final vertical profile of the prosthesis higher than that of Zest LOCATOR® attachment, which does not have a ball and instead features a low vertical profile where the prosthesis is snug with the gumline.

The rigid nature of the ball attachment can cause decreased stability of the system over time, and o-rings are an additional factor that can weaken the system over time and require periodic replacement.

Unrivaled superior quality at Edison Medical™

All of our implant overdenture attachments are designed from the highest quality titanium (Ti-6AL-4V-ELI) with a titanium nitride (TiN) coating. Our selection of silicon retentive caps allow you to place each overdenture attachment with the utmost precision of interconnection resistance. Whether placing a fixed or partial overdenture attachment, Edison Medical’s Pop-Clicq™ line will provide you a final restoration of superior quality. Edison Medical also offers a wide variety of bar attachment overdenture options for multi-unit systems.

What is a removable denture attachment?

A removable denture attachment is a dental abutment that fixes, stabilizes and retains an overdenture prosthesis to a series of dental implants placed along the jaw. There are several types of removable denture attachments including ball, bar, locator and magnet.

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