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  1. Our UCLA Abutments, Raising the Bar for the Entire Market

    abutment ucla

    Here at Edison Medical™ our UCLA Abutment is a castable abutment, offered with a machined base, produced from various metal alloys such as:

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  2. Switching Platforms for Dental Implants

    Dental-Implants Platforms

    Platform switching was discovered like many other great things, by accident.In the late 1980’s there were many instances

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  3. It's Time to Meet the Best Implant Analogs on the Market.

    Implant Analogs Dental

    Here at Edison Medical™, we are extremely proud as well as confident in regards to all our products.

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  4. Multi-Unit Abutments in a Brief


    Multi-Unit Abutments are basically the scaffold support for the implant prosthetics placed in complete or partially edentulous patients.

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  5. CAD/CAD Interfaces Ti-Base


    CAD/CAM Dentistry system comprises of scan abutment, lab screw, fixation screw and titanium base.

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