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Pop-Clicq™ Overdenture Attachments

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Pop-Clicq™ Overdenture Attachments | EM™ - Dental Implants

A state of the art partial overdenture system

Edison Medical’s state of the art, Zest Locator®-compatible Pop-Clicq™ line is a self-aligning, self-correcting partial overdenture system that is designed to ensure proper seating of the removable denture prosthetic system.

This implant-retained overdenture concept provides a wealth of advantages over removable and permanent overdentures, and with proper placement and maintenance, patients can enjoy the benefits of their long-term success and a better quality of life.

The Edison Medical Pop-Clicq™ portfolio contains all of the necessary components to complete non-splintered implant-supported restorations in the mandible: implant overdenture attachments, overdenture bars (intended to be used with bar attachment overdenture systems such as On-4 and On-6) and Pop-Clicq™ system denture accessories.

Available formats of the Pop-Clicq™ portfolio are implant overdenture attachment mini kits and professional kits, as well as overdenture bar kits. Pop-Clicq™ denture accessories and components are available for individual purchase.

The Pop-Clicq™: Where precision and flexibility prevail

The Pop-Clicq™ line was created with both dentist and patient in mind. The dentist has full flexibility during the restoration process, able to easily insert and remove the abutments throughout the process while always maintaining accuracy and correct alignment.

In terms of non-splintered restorations, the Pop-Clicq™ system has a huge benefit for patients over the alternative ball attachment overdenture: its self-aligning technology. This technology can correct up to a 20° angulation via the attachment’s pivoting mechanism and thus enjoy the stability of a properly-seated restoration.

Not only does this self-correcting system result in proper seating, but the entire system is highly stable and tolerant of heavy force loads, particularly with regard to those endured during mastication. 

The Pop-Clicq™ partial overdenture system’s strength is multi-faceted, combining high retentive force promoted by bone-mineral precipitation on the titanium implant surface, with varying customizable levels of retention of the overdenture attachments, which also helps in achieving the lowest possible vertical profile of the restoration.


The Pop-Clicq™ portfolio highlights

The overdenture attachment: The ‘tour de force’ of the Pop-Clicq™ line

The capacity of the Pop-Clicq™ male component to pivot in place gives this overdenture attachment a true advantage over other systems. The Pop-Clicq™ features a powerful implant-abutment connection that can withstand high mastication forces without sacrificing retention capacity.

Pop-Clicq™ implant overdenture attachments are only available as kits. The 7-piece mini kit, which is an ideal option for edentulous cases in which several different abutment sizes are needed, comes with a single overdenture attachment of your choice, a metal housing cap, a black laboratory retentive cap (also known as denture insert), three retentive caps of three different interconnection resistances, and a protective silicon disc.

The 98-piece professional kit is an expanded version of the mini kit, includes multiple overdenture attachments, and is complete with a screwdriver and insertion tool. The professional kit is an ideal option for prosthodontists, implantologists and surgeons who place implants at higher volumes and rely on having a constant supply of partial overdenture restoration components. Denture accessories may also be purchased separately.

The overdenture bar

The Pop-Clicq™ overdenture bar is intended to be used in bar attachment overdenture systems. This prefabricated removable bar is milled from high grade titanium, which allows for a bar design that is both lightweight and incredibly stable.

With the Pop-Clicq™ overdenture bar, the restoration can be completed chairside without need for assistance from an external laboratory. A new, innovative Pop-Clicq™ overdenture bar will soon be available at Edison Medical and will allow for fine-tuned customization and correction of overdenture bar dimensional inaccuracies.

Overdenture bars are available in kit format only, and can be purchased for On-2 and On-4 bar attachment overdenture systems, with or without a screwdriver included. Denture accessories and additional housing attachments for the overdenture bar can also be purchased separately.

Denture accessories

All of our Pop-Clicq™ implant overdenture attachment components are designed for ease of use, durability and compatibility - abutment analogs are milled from high-grade titanium, tools from pure stainless steel, and all pick-up impression transfers, metal housings, retentive caps (denture inserts) and protective discs are color coded for intuitive use.

Additional components are available for the bar attachment overdenture systems, including titanium rods, metal housing adapters, and hand screwdrivers, all designed and produced with the same philosophy and quality as the overdenture attachment components.

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